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10 October 2016

A Great Guitar in a Small Package!

Are you looking for a great small guitar? Then you have found one in the Taylor GS Mini!

It has a beautiful solid mahogany top, feels comfortable and sounds like a real, quality instrument. It has the legendary Taylor build quality, a proper NT neck and comes with a really tough, hard-padded gigbag.

It is a lovely!

12 September 2016

An Underrated Gem

Before acquiring the Recording King brand, Johnson guitars were producing fine instruments like this JO-27: a Martin-style 000 with solid woods featuring excellent build quality and lovely tone. This is a great chance to pick up a smashing guitar at a bargain price!

Don't miss out! [Too late: you have missed out]

25 August 2016

A Treat from the Far-East

Another guitar you don't see very often: a 1980s Fender Contemporary Strat from Japan [sold!]. The Contemporary series of instruments were the first guitars to leave Japan bearing the iconic Fender name and came from the same FujiGen factory as the renowned 'JV' Squier series. We've set this one up and it's ready to rock!

13 August 2016

Another Magnificent Rare Beast!

Every now and then (i.e. hardly ever), we'll put together an instrument of our own. Here one example: the Imperial Guitars Knotwork #1 featuring carving and pyrography by our very own Naomi. It's totally unique!

And here is your non-red electric: a blue Yamaha ERG 121!

09 August 2016

A Magnificent Rare Beast!

This is the incredibly rare, brilliant Yamaha The FS. This might be your only chance to get your hands on one of these beauties. Features premium woods throughout: solid sitka spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides. It's your favourite Yamaha folk guitar turned up to 11.

We've also anothe red electric: a Hamer Slammer CT-212: you get a whole lotta guitar for your dollar (or pound, I suppose). Don't fear, though! We've a blue electric on its way!

05 August 2016

Getting Crafty!

A great chance to pick up a brilliant guitar at a brilliant price. This Crafter D6/N came to us in superb condition... save for a cracked headstock! We've patched it up and it's ready to go!

Also! We have some new things: including this ultra-cute Countryman DUB Jr mini open-back banjolele, a nice Countryman Greenhorn acoustic, more Star Singer slides and probably loads of other stuff I've forgotten about.

23 July 2016

Keepin' It Fresh!

Here is a really lovely Freshman FA1GAM: it is a grand auditorium-sized guitar with a top-notch solid sitka spruce top and delicious quilted maple back and sides.

We also have a 1970s Eko Ranger and another nice Squier Strat, this one from Fender's 50th anniversary year: 1996.

See you on Sunday!

12 July 2016

Another day, another Squier

We have a lesser-spotted maple fingerboard Squier Strat on the stall. It has beautiful candy apple red plumage and sings just like an American Strat!

Also, we now stock Ernie Ball Cobalt strings for the first time, plus other Slinky merch for string nerds.

See you on Sunday!

25 June 2016

Rock n' roll!

Hey! So, new to us is this Peavey Rockingham B6: a really cool Gretsch-a-like that comes with a US-made Bigsby B6 vibrato [too late: it's gone!].

We also have the all-time reigning champ of quality starter electrics: the Squier Affinity Stratocaster [sold!] by Fender. Come and try it out and see why it's the #1 recommended guitar for learners!

17 June 2016

Pacific Specifics!

We have a great starter guitar for sale: the all-conquering beast, the Yamaha Pacifica [now sold]! It's in smashing condition, and we've set it up so it plays really well! Check it out: it's only 90 quid!

Hope to see you on Sunday! Don't forget we have a large range of strings—for all fretted instruments—and a bunch of other accessories: string winders, polish, capos, picks, strap locks, cables, stands, hangers... and more?

28 May 2016

Folk-size Fun!

New to the stall is this Fender CF-60 steel-string acoustic [it's gone now]. It's a great value guitar for starters, those looking for a backup instrument, or a smaller guitar for travelling.

We've also got in a Martin Smith acoustic guitar kit which includes everything you need to get started: tuner, stand, strings, the lot! [now sold, sorry!]

Pop along on Sunday, take a look, and say hello!

21 May 2016

Budget Banjos!

We've a few fine entry-level banjos on the stall including this Deacon BJ-005 5-String Resonator with a quality Remo Weatherking head. It's been restrung, setup and is ready to rock (or folk, or whatever) and is a steal at only 99.

Keep your eyes peeled as we add more things to the website! Also, we're looking for nice testimonials from our repair customers, if that's not too cheeky a thing to ask. If you've been delighted by our repair and setup offerings, please get in touch and help us spread the word! Thanks!

02 May 2016

Bold As Brass!

The beauty you see is the Busker Chicago, one of the newer models from resonator aces Busker Guitars. This little fella has a very, very shiny nickel-plated brass body, mahogany neck, Continental cone and comes with a pod-style semi-rigid case. It's a beaut! First come, first serve!

Keep your eyes peeled as we add more things to the website! Also, we're looking for nice testimonials from our repair customers, if that's not too cheeky a thing to ask. If you've been delighted by our repair and setup offerings, please get in touch and help us spread the word! Thanks!

10 Mar 2016

Blueburst Beauty!

Look at this! It's a lovely G&L Tribute Legacy in great condition and it could be yours for only 250! I've also added a bunch of other things to the website including this solid mahogany Kala U-Bass! Absolutely essential for gnome bassists or anyone who fancies defying the laws of acoustical physics.

New UK-made Stuff!

We're the happy new stockist of two great products made on these shores!

StumbleCol cigar-box guitars are hand-made in Cambridge by local craftsman and player Colin Merry.

Each instrument is made from a real cigar-box, comes with bone nut and saddle and has two internal piezo pickups: and, unlike many cigar-box guitars you see, they're all fretted! We stock 3-, 4- and 6-string models.

Star Singer ceramic slides are handmade by Dolfinn Ruby Star Singer in Glastonbury. Each is unique, durable, beautiful... and they sound great! The slides are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

You should come and check them out!