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03 Apr 2015

Read All About It!

  We have a little bit in this month's Cambridge Magazine's feature on Cambridge market. You can get it in the usual places around town, or it's available to read online here: Cambridge Magazine #18.

02 Apr 2015

Unique Uke!

Added some photos of our lovely, one-of-a-kind cigar-box ukulele made here in Cambridge by the incomparable Pete 'The Sink' Towers. Is there nothing the man can't fashion out of an old cigar box? He'll be making cigar boxes out of them next...

What else? The other news is that we're moving (slightly) on Saturdays to our usual haunt near the Guildhall: so you have no excuses!

01 Apr 2015

No Foolin'!

  That's right! We're not kidding: we actually have a bass! People think we're prejudiced against our low-end friends, but the fact is we don't get offered many basses nor do we come across many on our scavenges.

Anyway, here we have a Stagg XB300. It's a full-on rock machine with 24 frets and a nice powerful rumble.

Remember, if you're looking to offload a bass (or a mandolin or a banjo or a bouzouki or whatever) then get in touch!

13 Mar 2015

A Friday the 13th Update!

  Don't worry, it's nothing scary, just this US-made Peavey Predator... which is actually quite pleasant.

We've also just added a cool Yamaha F-310 which is the sort of guitar everyone should have.

What else is new? We've just got in some jolly nice Adam Black mahogany ukes which are worth checking out. Also, sorry if you missed out on our Gretsch 5120: we only had it for about five minutes!

8 Mar 2015

Some Gretsch Bling

  Friends! Just had enough time this week to add one of our more recent secondhand offerings to the website. It's this mint condition Gretsch Electromatic G5120!

Other big news is that our Hondo Fatboy has been reunited with its original pickguard! I'll take some more photos soon.

As usual, we've got a bunch of new new and new old pedals including wah-wahs from Morley and Dunlop. Photos of all this stuff to come soon, assuming we don't sell it in the meantime.

25 Feb 2015

Quick news!

  Hello, chaps! We've worked through most of our repair mountain, so it's time for a quick website update.

Last week, we got in some Indie IA20DOM electro-acoustics for the first time...we couldn't resist getting one in hot pink. We're impressed.

What else? Well, I'm sure most of you know we sell a range of ukuleles, but I've added a few samples to the website to make sure. We particularly like this brand-new PukanaLa Autumn Tattoo which sounds especially sweet!

Added a bunch of new used pedals to the Effects area, including the smashing Danelectro Tuna Melt tremolo. A real hidden gem.

New UK-made Stuff!

We're the happy new stockist of two great products made on these shores!

StumbleCol cigar-box guitars are hand-made in Cambridge by local craftsman and player Colin Merry.

Each instrument is made from a real cigar-box, comes with bone nut and saddle and has two internal piezo pickups: and, unlike many cigar-box guitars you see, they're all fretted! We stock 3-, 4- and 6-string models.

Star Singer ceramic slides are handmade by Dolfinn Ruby Star Singer in Glastonbury. Each is unique, durable, beautiful... and they sound great! The slides are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

You should come and check them out!

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