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25 June 2016

Rock n' roll!

Hey! So, new to us is this Peavey Rockingham B6: a really cool Gretsch-a-like that comes with a US-made Bigsby B6 vibrato.

We also have the all-time reigning champ of quality starter electrics: the Squier Affinity Stratocaster by Fender. Come and try it out and see why it's the #1 recommended guitar for learners!

17 June 2016

Pacific Specifics!

We have a great starter guitar for sale: the all-conquering beast, the Yamaha Pacifica! It's in smashing condition, and we've set it up so it plays really well! Check it out: it's only 90 quid!

Hope to see you on Sunday! Don't forget we have a large range of strings—for all fretted instruments—and a bunch of other accessories: string winders, polish, capos, picks, strap locks, cables, stands, hangers... and more?

28 May 2016

Folk-size Fun!

New to the stall is this Fender CF-60 steel-string acoustic. It's a great value guitar for starters, those looking for a backup instrument, or a smaller guitar for travelling.

We've also got in a Martin Smith acoustic guitar kit which includes everything you need to get started: tuner, stand, strings, the lot!

Pop along on Sunday, take a look, and say hello!

21 May 2016

Budget Banjos!

We've a few fine entry-level banjos on the stall including this Deacon BJ-005 5-String Resonator with a quality Remo Weatherking head. It's been restrung, setup and is ready to rock (or folk, or whatever) and is a steal at only £99.

Keep your eyes peeled as we add more things to the website! Also, we're looking for nice testimonials from our repair customers, if that's not too cheeky a thing to ask. If you've been delighted by our repair and setup offerings, please get in touch and help us spread the word! Thanks!

02 May 2016

Bold As Brass!

The beauty you see is the Busker Chicago, one of the newer models from resonator aces Busker Guitars. This little fella has a very, very shiny nickel-plated brass body, mahogany neck, Continental cone and comes with a pod-style semi-rigid case. It's a beaut! First come, first serve!

Keep your eyes peeled as we add more things to the website! Also, we're looking for nice testimonials from our repair customers, if that's not too cheeky a thing to ask. If you've been delighted by our repair and setup offerings, please get in touch and help us spread the word! Thanks!

10 Mar 2016

Blueburst Beauty!

Look at this! It's a lovely G&L Tribute Legacy in great condition and it could be yours for only £250! I've also added a bunch of other things to the website including this solid mahogany Kala U-Bass! Absolutely essential for gnome bassists or anyone who fancies defying the laws of acoustical physics.

10 Jan 2016

The Greatest Gigbag of All Time

We've been waiting a while for these to come back in stock, but it's been worth it! Just look at that! Be the envy of your friends and acquire jealous new enemies with this superb Perri's Yellow Submarine Gigbag.

21 Nov 2015

Old & New!

We've a few of these new Cort G100 electric guitars. Great build quality and tone with an unique open-pore wood-grain that stands apart! Get one today for only £99!

We've also got a great Aria Pro II RS Wildcat built around 1986 in Japan. We've set it up and it's ready to go!

02 Nov 2015

1 out of 7 Ain't Bad

The big sad news is that for the immediate future we will only be able to trade one day of the week, and that day is Sunday! Sunday Only!

So, if you're thinking of coming to see us: make it Sunday or we won't be there! We didn't want to do it, but it had to done. Sunday!

28 Oct 2015

Beauty Bass!

Do you like superbly-crafted instruments that are a joy to play? You DO?! Then have a look at this Music Man Sterling. It is in excellent condition, comes with a hard case and could be yours for only £999 [it's gone!].

Please stay tuned for more news on ankles, trading days and repairs. Many thanks as always.

23 Oct 2015

For One Day Only!

Hi, mates! Two weeks later and I STILL have a broken ankle. I know, right?

As such, we are trading Saturday Only this weekend (24 Oct). Thanks for your understanding and we'll get back to normal ASAP.


17 Oct 2015

Situation Report

First, we are trading today: so come and see us if you're in town and you like guitars and guitar-like things.

Second, if you follow us on Facebook you'll have heard that Keith has broken his ankle. We're only a small operation so this is a big blow. As such, please accept our apologies with inconsistent trading days and so forth for the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we are unable (for a bit) to take on any repair work. Please check us out on Facebook for the latest news. We love you all.

10 Sep 2015

O Canada!

Just a couple of recent additions. First, this Canadian-made Art & Lutherie Cedar: a nice solid-topped dreadnought in this attractive antique burst: it could be yours for only £135!

Other than that we've a nice starter classical, an Admira Alba ¾-Size: just the job for little hands.

Don't forget we also have a comprehensive range of picks, strings and accessories!

02 Sep 2015


We've just added literally (not literally) a million pedals to the site. Highlights include this late 70s Electro-Harmonix Small Stone: a stone cold classic! There's bunches of other things over in the Effects section.

We've also put up a few new instruments including this Ashbury AU40C Flame Oak Uke that we've slightly fallen in love with.

Have a look around!

15 Aug 2015

We're back!

Actually, we've never been away, but we've been so busy that we haven't had time to update the website in a while. Until now! I've added a whopping bunch of instruments to our second-hand bit.

There's this shell pink Fender Strat [It's gone!] for starters! There's too much to list here, but we'll pick out a few highlights in the coming days!

We've also got more homemade instruments: cigar box guitars, dulcimers, canjos than ever before!

17 Jul 2015

Dobro Good To Me

Been out to take some photos while the weather holds! Here's one guitar I managed to get snaps of: the Gretsch G9240 Alligator [Sold!] resonator. It's a great guitar in great condition.

We've always got lots of instruments that I never get a chance to put the website. You need to come to the marketplace!

3 Jul 2015

Locally-built 12-String Resonator!

Just time to put up this smashing guitar we've recently got in from local guitar maker Pete Towers.

Check out some more photos or come down to the stall to give it a try! [Too late: it's been sold!]

11 June 2015

'59 Prez

  This week's update includes this beautiful 1959 Höfner President. We've set it up and stuck some new flatwounds on it. It's ready to go!

We've got a good second-hand Countryman TCB-30 resonator banjo, a Busker Deco Tricone and a Arion MIJ Compressor.

22 May 2015

Loads of new things!

  Among the many exciting new things we've put on the website are these pictured delights! We've got in the all-new Mooer Micro Looper and a new Pilgrim Progress Open-Back Banjo.

Check out our For Sale section for a bunch of other things we've got in stock like a used Joyo Ultimate Drive, a used Boss DD-20 Delay, a new Blue Moon BM-07 Mandolin and lots of other things.

19 May 2015

Resonation's what you need

  One of our latest acquisitions is this Towers Electro Resonator from local guitar genius, Pete Towers. It's simple, solid, elegant and a fine tool in the right hands! We really like it!

Secondhand-wise we have this Applause AE27 bowlback electroacoustic in nice condition looking for a new home. It's only 129 quid!

15 May 2015

One small step for guitarkind

  We've got loads of new-new and new-old things in: baritone ukes, banjos, half-size classicals, harmonicas, kazoos, earplugs, blah, blah, blah. Hopefully, I'll get most of them on the website shortly.

Two things I've managed to get up are this 3/4-size second-hand Squier Mini Strat and a brand-new Countryman DUB2 Banjo Ukulele.

06 May 2015

Another great guitar!

  If you're quick and lucky, you might be able to get to the stall and buy this smasheroo: a Simon & Patrick 6CW Spruce [it's gone now]. It's made in Canada from native woods like wild cherry. It's got a solid spruce top, B-Band electronics, and we're selling it with a hard case for £250. Yeah, I know!

More exciting updates to come when we get five minutes peace. Happy voting!

24 Apr 2015

It's All Go!

  Hey, kids! Just about time to add a couple of guitars. We've this lovely Japanese Kimbara 175 classical which, in spite of being about 40 years old, is in great condition!

Also, we have a good starter steel-string in this Redwood D-100 for only £49!

Remember, we're always on the lookout for instruments so give us a shout if you have something you're looking to offload.

03 Apr 2015

Read All About It!

  We have a little bit in this month's Cambridge Magazine's feature on Cambridge market. You can get it in the usual places around town, or it's available to read online here: Cambridge Magazine #18.

02 Apr 2015

Unique Uke!

Added some photos of our lovely, one-of-a-kind cigar-box ukulele made here in Cambridge by the incomparable Pete 'The Sink' Towers. Is there nothing the man can't fashion out of an old cigar box? He'll be making cigar boxes out of them next...

What else? The other news is that we're moving (slightly) on Saturdays to our usual haunt near the Guildhall: so you have no excuses!

New UK-made Stuff!

We're the happy new stockist of two great products made on these shores!

StumbleCol cigar-box guitars are hand-made in Cambridge by local craftsman and player Colin Merry.

Each instrument is made from a real cigar-box, comes with bone nut and saddle and has two internal piezo pickups: and, unlike many cigar-box guitars you see, they're all fretted! We stock 3-, 4- and 6-string models.

Star Singer ceramic slides are handmade by Dolfinn Ruby Star Singer in Glastonbury. Each is unique, durable, beautiful... and they sound great! The slides are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

You should come and check them out!